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Photo credit to and with permission to use from South Dakota Public Broadcasting

The coaches at Mt. Vernon got together and decided that if we were going to get to the next level of play, we needed to provide our athletes with some off-season training.  The boys' programs did weightlifting but the girls' programs just did open gyms.  Our girls' athletic coaches needed to provide an off-season weight/agility/flexibility program that would help our female athletes reach their optimal performance and reduce injury risks in sports. Our school did not have a trainer and the coaches needed someone to provide guidance with the new training methods.  Shelby Assmus provided this guidance and helped set a new standard for girls' sports in our community.  The off-season had always been a challenge for our female athletes to gain confidence in the weight room to increase strength and improve mental toughness.  We had had some knee injuries in the past and we wanted to teach our athletes form and proper techniques.  With the help and support of Shelby, our off-season training was a hit.  The girls enjoyed coming to the gym.  The enthusiasm and knowledge provided by Shelby helped our female athletes gain confidence, improve their abilities, and mental toughness.  We have also noticed a reduction in injuries in-season as well.  I would highly recommend Perform4 for your programs!

Darcy Deinert, Mount Vernon-Plankinton Head Volleyball Coach, and Elementary/HS Physical Education

"Since 1999, Darcy Deinert has been coaching volleyball in Mount Vernon. Now in a co-op with Plankinton, she recorded her 400th career win this season...Deinert is considered one of the best, and most respected, high school volleyball coaches in South Dakota." (Wek, Nate. 2019.

We use Shelby Assmus with Perform4 for our weightlifting and powerlifting members as well as a way to enhance our experience with our membership in our facility... our membership has absolutely loved it! 

Cory Greenway, Worthington YMCA Program Director


The girls loved seeing Shelby. They found a renewed excitement and motivation through the lifting, mental preparedness, and leadership education training she provided to our girls volleyball and basketball teams. The girls after four weeks of the programming saw noticeable changes physically and mentally. 

Erin Ellinger, Elk Point Jefferson Head Volleyball Coach and Elementary/HS Physical Education


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Perform4 would love to work with you to find a solution that's targeted toward what you are looking to accomplish with your team. Our resources and network are vast and diverse. If Perform4 is not the right fit, we will strive to find partners or collaborators to get you a solution that is just right for you. 



Discover what your needs are as well as identify strategies to successfully implement a solution. 


Create and present a plan to review with your team to ensure it best fits the agreed upon needs.


Execute the plan collectively with your team and our support, education, and resources. 


Evaluate the performance of the plan and celebrate the success and grow from areas of improvement.

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