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Values & Vision Statement

We strive to help everyone reach their goals through EDUCATION, COACHING, and LEADERSHIP. We believe that through these three channels, we can spread our core values like wildfire. By educating, coaching, and leading with EMPATHY and RESPECT, we can instill more DETERMINATION and INTENTIONALITY into people and places in this world. All while being HUMBLE, we can truly make a life-changing impact that builds confidence and a positive CULTURE OF SUCCESS while inspiring others to live out the following vision statement: 

“Perform4 Your Goals”


We heighten our personal and professional confidence by reaching our goals. However, we can't forget to set aside the time, effort, and focus each day to take steps towards a better self, health, and well-being. If we get off track, don't sweat the small stuff! Be persistent about being more consistent. We will get through it together as it will be a rollercoaster with ups and downs. Once we achieve these goals together, we can reflect on the memories and overall journey to best celebrate and share your successes with others in your life humbly. 

This TRANSFORMATION is why we PERFORM4  you!

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“Our goal is to break-down and talk-through your barriers together. This way we can focus on the things we can do and manage to keep us on track to your transformation”




More About Shelby

Shelby is a business owner, consultant, and strength and conditioning professional who has impacted thousands of athletes, clients, and businesses in five major regions worldwide. She earned her Bachelor of Science from South Dakota State University in Exercise Science and her Master of Science in Kinesiology (focusing on Human Movement Performance and Strength and Conditioning) from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL. She was the International Education Manager at a global strength training company, Eleiko, based in Halmstad, Sweden. During her time there, they served education in over eight different countries. They provided end-to-end business solutions, including strength training equipment and education to bring value to business owners. These solutions were for gym, fitness, high-performance, and U.S. Military facilities. Shelby has also worked for Avera Sports, where she developed and implemented strength and conditioning programs for the Kairos Elite Volleyball Club, the Central Lyon High School, O'Gorman High School Volleyball team, and over 400 other athletes who have participated in Avera's Athletic Republic Program. Shelby looks forward to joining the Augustana University family again to educate the excellent undergraduate and graduate students in the Exercise Science Department. She will teach varying courses, including the following but not limited to Intro to Exercise Science, Theories and Techniques of Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Leadership, Organization and Administration of P.E. and Sports, Personal Health, and more. She trains herself, does chores, and works hard on her family's ranch and farm in her spare time. 

Shelby brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dynamic skill sets to performance and fitness businesses and clients. She has practiced and executed excellence as a multi-sport athlete and coach, strength and conditioning coach and educator, researcher and curriculum developer, education manager, and business owner. Shelby has worked with over a thousand athletes, clients, and members as a coach. These people have equally impacted her development as the professional she is today. Her coaching experience has ranged from 1-on-1, small group, large group, and remote coaching settings. She understands the needs and requirements for success in each level of training and coaching environment. Shelby specializes in strength training for sports performance (volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, baseball/softball, and track and field), powerlifting (squat, bench press, and deadlift), and weightlifting (snatch, clean, and jerk) for health and performance-related goals. Shelby is actively on the Minnesota-Dakotas Weightlifting State Organization for USA Weightlifting and aspires to see the sport of weightlifting, and events flourish in the state of South Dakota

Shelby aims to bridge the gap between health, fitness, and performance. She envisions a model of health that is the same — developing a cohesive system that utilizes the best practices to provide the best level of care. Shelby believes that there are significant aspects to learn from all three sectors, and it is her mission to bring the best out in your teams by dissecting the populations you serve and your workplace culture and aligning them with your values and mission.

  • ACSM- Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • NSCA- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • USAW Level 2- Sports Performance

  • Certified Eleiko Strength Coach Level 2

  • CPR & AED

  • Fearlessly Authentic Project Creator and Developer

  • Performance & Fitness Programs Consultant

  • South Dakota LWC President, USA Weightlifting

  • South Dakota State University-B.S. Exercise Science

    • Health Science Minor​

  • Western Illinois University-M.S. Kinesiology 

    • Strength and Conditioning​

    • Human Movement Performance/Biomechanics

  • Well-Decorated NCAA D1, National and World Level Athlete

  • Elite Level Coach and Educator

  • Eleiko Sport, Inc- Former International Education Manager, Master Educator, and Curriculum Developer.


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