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Llifting Weights

Alyssa, Student-Athlete

The workouts are really helping me get mentally and physically stronger. I feel like things are getting easier because i'm more in shape. I'm so glad we started this program!


Sarah, Elementary Teacher

I really liked the programming. The workouts themselves were really good. I enjoyed them and could definitely feel it. I also liked that it had the videos to walk through each workout. I referred to them all the time to make sure I was doing the move correctly. The actual layout of the workouts was awesome. It was step-by-step and great informing me of what was next so I could transition smoothly.

Working Out in Gym

Trisha, Former Collegiate Athlete

Shelby and I go back to our collegiate athlete days. Over the last five years, I hadn't had the opportunity or the know-how to work out the way I wanted.  Then, Shelby started training me. She not only trained and pushed me but taught me so much so I can do it on my own proficiently. She truly helped me become strong again!

Women Playing Volleyball

Teja, Student-Athlete

I feel strong and I had a lot of fun already and we haven't even started the official season. I'm super proud of myself because I'm a lot closer to my team. 

Goal-Centric Program Offerings

Our program offerings are tailored based on your goals for work, sports, health, and life. Our packages allow us to best tailor a program based on: 

  • Your time available to dedicate

  • Your weekly availability

  • Level of training your wishing to achieve

  • Where your current levels of fitness are at

  • How much live consulting time you need from us


Our packages also include:

  • Discounts on Ascent Protein products only during the active program directly purchased from Perform4TM

  • Pro-Level P4 App access only for the allotted program package duration


The Live Consultations :

  • Can be in-person/via zoom depending on clients location

  • Educate and on-board clients before and during the program

  • Provide feedback to the clients on their performance thus far and areas of improvement

  • Act as open floor space to ask us any questions you may have or discuss any roadblocks and solutions to overcome as they arise throughout the program 

  • Are progress check-ins to ensure everything is going well and we are still on track with our goals

NOt sure where to start?

Contact us to set up a free 30-minute Program Discovery Call today! 


Program Discovery Call

Program Delivery

The P4 App

Perform 4TM continuously strives to break down barriers for their clients. The P4 App acts as a tool to assist the Perform4TM clients to reach their training goals. With avatar demonstrations and challenges to empower clients while taking steps towards a positive transformation. Program purchases come with P4 App Access for the duration of the program. 


Shelby Assmus, MS, Owner & CEO

Perform4 LLC

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