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This package is an excellent addition to any small group high school physical education curriculum. This program lasts 15 weeks and includes: 

  • App access for a maximum of 10 users
  • A twelve-week strength training program
  • Private community group access
  • Four-hours of live education sessions for the class
  • A pre-assessment agenda two weeks into the program
  • A post-assessment agenda the final week of the program


This package is for high school physical education programs to training and teaches their students how to: 

  • Perform strength training movements proficiently
  • Select exercises to safely train various muscle groups
  • Select the appropriate loads and intensities for a prescribed exercise and set number of reps
  • Safely spot and other appropriate weight room etiquette and practices
  • Train safely while understanding the benefits of training on their current and future well-being
  • Find the value in physical exercise to help motivate and improve program adherence


Throughout this program, Perform4 works with and consults with the on-site supervisor and physical education teachers to best implement the program and education training. Both the students and the teachers will get the opportunity to learn the foundations that hope to improve students' physical and mental well-being through strength training. 


Upon purchase, student participants must have a signed waiver signed by their parents and returned to Perform4. 

Stronger Bodies, Minds & Students Program