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Peform4 created this package for the high performers in work, sports, health, and life.


This intensive training package is for those: 

  • Looking to commit to a periodized training program for four months for 4-days a week. 
  • Wishing to specialize in a sport or set of performance qualities (speed, power, strength, and coordination). 
  • Who train for peak performance and fitness
  • Wanting to overcome their training plateaus and break up their own training monotony.
  • Who has been training consistently for the past year 2-3 days a week. 
  • Who are looking for programming for 64 sessions.


Clients will receive 4 live consultations regarding their program, strategize to overcome barriers during the process, educate on gold-level performance practices while maintaining health and fitness. Clients will also learn tactics to becoming "above average" within their respective goals. 


Purchasers will get three discounts on Ascent purchases from Perform4. 


This package offers a monthly subscription-based for the duration of the program and is a non-refundable purchase. 

Platinum Level