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Want to learn how the Olympians lift weights? This seminar will guarantee to challenge you to learn three of the most complex weightlifting movements, the snatch, clean, and jerk. As a result of this seminar, you will: 

  • Reflect on your training and goals
  • Learn the four starting positions
  • Learn the power snatch
  • Learn the power clean
  • Learn the split and push jerks
  • Practice safety and proper etiquette with these lifts
  • Evaluate how you will incorporate them with respect to your training goals. 


Participants will need to come prepared to: 

  • Physically learn each lift
  • Workout with workout apparel and shoes
  • Follow facility rules and guidelines while on-site
  • Bring their own snacks and water


To book this seminar at your location, contact before purchase to coordinate the date and time. The hosting facility must have: 

  • No more than 15 participants
  • 15 PVC pipes or wooden dowels
  • 8 Bars (Mix of 20kg men's and 15kg women's preferred)
  • Bumper plates ranging from 5kg-10kgs that can be dropped
  • 8 Designated lifting areas (10'x 10')
  • The equipment and designated lifting area reserved 3 hours for the lifting seminar


Pricing is at $50.00/person. Organizations may purchase the seminar and upsell to clients, staff, or members for profit/fundraising for a cause. Hosting facilities must cover the cost of travel and hotel if outside the Sioux Falls Metro area and region. All participants (and parents if under the age of 18yrs) must sign a waiver before participating in the seminar.

Learn to Weightlift Seminar

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