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Welcome to the Perform4 Blogs

Life is full of moments that we strive to perform for. Most often, people fear moments in time themselves. For example, confronting a boss at work about a promised raise and have yet to receive. The artist right before their show having self-doubts in their act they’ve put together and afraid they will mess it up. These moments will unnerve and stress us out to the max if we cannot take them on with confidence and empowerment. The Perform4 Blog posts will share stories and connect experiences to help others get through these fearful and discomforting moments.


The Perform4 Blogs will address varying topics and reflect on these moments in time that we all experience. These blogs will help others connect to these situations and experiences and provide positive insight to create a better performing culture together. They will pose and address viewpoints from each side to help you rewire the way you see experiences and situations.

Above all, the blogs will address experiences practically, keep their readers engaged, and stimulate a different way of thinking to create or promote positive performing cultures. These short blogs should leave people determined and focused, relentlessly intentional, decisive and unstoppable, and thankfully driven. Along with the Perform4 service offerings, this combination is the recipe for showing how people can best live in their own moments while performing for their goals in health, work, sports, and life. Stay tuned for the launch of the other blogs. In the interim, be sure to engage with us on LinkedIn and Facebook. We want to get to know you, your breakthrough experiences, and how we, as a society, can achieve our goals together.

Shelby Assmus

CEO/Owner of Perform4


Interested in becoming a contributor?

Fill out the contact information below. Include a short description of how your story or experience can help change the way people see and practice in healthcare, fitness, and performance to create healthier people through healthier environments. Your stories and experiences are waiting to be shared!

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