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The Starting Line is the Most Daunting

Deciding where to start is definitely the most difficult part of the process of change. It's also the scariest part which is why many never step up to the starting line. I've been at the starting line many times-literally and metaphorically. When I think about being on the starting line, there are two scenarios that come to mind. One is the true starting line where it's your destiny and your opportunities, and the second one is the starting line in which you take on a situation that may have been imposed or passed on to you.

Leading up to both scenarios, we get the opportunity to choose how we see each situation. We can accept and take ownership or we can crush under the pressure which we must overcome ourselves first before taking on the task at hand. When we physically step-up to the starting line, this is where we battle all the self-doubting thoughts that make us second guess our choices at the starting line.

Over my athletic career, I've been known to be the resilient one to rise to the occasion most often. This was not always the case, but I've trained myself to see the starting line in any scenario as an opportunity to impact or influence. In the cases I let fear and self-doubt in, the scenario hasn't always played out in my favor. I constantly battle this but thrive by trying to continue training my brain to see life as opportunities to influence and impact.

My biggest advice to anyone who tells themselves daily they are not enough and spend more time saying why they aren't enough versus justifying why they are:

  1. Know that you are "enough" as you believe you are.

  2. Know you're the only person judging you, and if others are, what does it matter?

  3. Remember YOUR why and purpose.

  4. Believe you deserve it because you worked and prepared for it.

  5. Today is your day!

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